Clergy and Vestry

The Rev’d Timothy Alleman

(570) 540-3535


The Vestry is an elected group of confirmed parishioners who administer the church’s temporal affairs. The senior warden and the junior warden lead the Vestry, assisted by the treasurer and the clerk. These twelve parishioners, serving in staggered terms of three years, also act as a liaison to a particular ministry area. The Vestry, along with the rector meets every third Sunday of the month.

Our Stewardship Statement:

“We believe Stewardship is about our very being as children of God, acknowledging that all of creation is a gift from God and has been entrusted to us.  We recognize God’s generosity and grace with gratitude and thankfulness.   In response we are called daily to the sacred act of using and sharing our resources of time, talent, and treasure because  stewardship  is  all  that we do with all  that we have after we say,  I believe.”

Vestry Members:
Wayne Harley– Senior Warden
Barbara Burke– Junior Warden

Seth Brandreth
Lisa Daris
Julie Falcone

David Foust
Dave Grilz

Larry Kellerman

Sujanet Mason

Phyllis Mundy

Wes Parks

Ron Brockway

Lisa Daris – Treasurer

Frank E. P. Conyngham – Assistant Treasurer

Lisa Daris– Treasurer
Frank E. P. Conyngham– Assistant Treasurer

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