Parish Pilgrimages

Parish Pilgrimages
St Stephens takes regular pilgrimages to experience the divine or the sacred.
A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred destination. This journey of discovery can be internal or external. Reasons to go on a pilgrimage are varied: to desire a new perspective, to delve deeper into spiritual matters or seekers look to enrich their spirituality, or to enter into a time of prayer and reflection, renewal and re-creation. No matter the reason it involves a two-way journey, a journey of the heart towards God and the physical journey to the holy place.

Sacred places are where we meet something beyond ourselves and are not always conventionally religious places. A location where people have died, or where the living were deeply cared for in a time of need can be a holy place, Art and architecture manifests the divine or the sacred. Sacred places are sometimes costly places.
It is only “the conscious presence” that makes a place holy or sacred

Some of the locations that have been experienced by St. Stephen’s pilgrims are;
Christ Church Philadelphia,
Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY
The Cloisters museum and gardens, NYC
The Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, NYC
Trinity Wall Street, NYC
St Paul’s Chapel, NYC
Ground Zero

The Cloisters
Holy Cross Monastery
Ground Zero
St. Paul’s Chapel

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