Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care Mission Statement

St. Stephen’s Pastoral Care Committee takes on that ministry which Christ describes by saying, “I was sick and you visited Me.”  In that spirit we provide transportation to those in the community who are unable to attend services by themselves and visits to those who are in nursing homes, hospitals, and who cannot leave their own homes. We desire to make this ministry available to as many as it might be useful; so, please, take a moment to review what we do and how it may benefit you or someone you may know.

We are each pastors to one another and to the community around us.

  • What We Do:
    We provide spiritual care by:
    • visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes
    • visiting shut-ins in private homes
    • providing transportation to and from church to those who have no way there
    • calling parishioners who are recently absent from church to offer our services •reaching out to anyone else to whom our ministry may be useful.

In doing what we do, we strive in the comfort Jesus left us: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” By our presence with whomever we are visiting, we also bring Jesus’ spiritual strength through his spiritual presence.

We sincerely hope that this message will help us as the Pastoral Care Committee to help you and others. If you or someone who you know might benefit from our services, please, do not hesitate

to contact us:

  • Father Timothy Alleman, Priest-in-Charge — 570-540-3535
  • Norm Johnstone, Pastoral Care — 570-824-2371

If you would prefer not to be called by the Pastoral Care Committee in the future, please, let us know.

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